The 4 Social Networks Your Business Should Be On

Social networks are, without a doubt, a crucial part of your small business’ position on the internet. They help with SEO, brand awareness, SERP, special promotions and a variety of other valuable elements of your company’s marketing. If you own a business of any kind, these are the 4 social networks you absolutely must build profiles on for your company (and possibly key members such as the owner of manager).

1. Facebook

The king of the hill right now and will likely be for some time so you had better get familiar with this site. Build a profile, then build a company page. As far as what you should do on this site, start slow, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with social networks. Also there are hundreds of online articles filled with tips and tricks for small businesses on FB. Just google small business facebook tips. If you’re interested in getting more traffice to you page, research (or have your marekting dept/firm show you) how you can take advantage of their extensive pay-per-click advertising opportunities.

2. Foursquare

So many businesses are missing out on this site it’s incredible. This site, which rewards users with badges, points, and titles for “checking in” at locations verified by their GPS (quite often, people are checking in from a business, get it?). Foursquare offers a variety of ways to add incentives for your customers to come to your business frequently. For a person who checks in at a location the most, the title of “mayor” is earned, and the site provides ways to offer specials and discounts to “mayors” and, if desired, any other visitor who “checks in”. Register (or claim) your business on this site right now.

3. Linkedin

This is the social site for networking and connecting with other professionals, including potential employees. In terms of users, LinkedIn is nowhere near the numbers of Facebook. But Linkedin’s over twelve millions small business users make the site a great place to find leads, freelance professionals, networking opportunities with other professionals in your field, and of course it’s another brand building tool adding to your company’s credibility, SEO, and overall online presence.

For more info on how to use linkedin for your small business check out this article from Guy Kawasaki – 10 Ways for Small Businesses to use Linkedin

4. WordPress

You may have heard by now that you “need a blog” and yes! It’s true! If you own a business the odds are good that your company could benefit a great deal if a blog was used to publish company news regularly. I personally use wordpress for my blog and find the service to be easy to use as well as technical enough with the tracking and SEO qualities I need and can easily figure out how to use.

For more on why your business needs a blog check out this article from Chris Garrett13 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog


About Darren J Deverux

Darren J Deverux started blogging with the purpose of helping small business owners add clients, increase leads, gain conversions, and improve their overall marketing position. Deverux earned a bachelor's degree in business management while operating the marketing departments for several small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. He soon learned that he had a knack for bringing small businesses to the forefront of their respective markets in a variety of ways utilizing the "new rules" of internet marketing.

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