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Market Your Small Business Like an Octopus

It’s not uncommon for a client to ask me “What is the one thing we can do to improve our marketing right now?”  I always make sure I’ve got a good ten minutes to go into the inevitable discussion that will come from my answer to this question. Because the answer is: there is no one thing. You’re not going to shoot a commercial, put it on local cable, and your good. You’re not going to offer one or two new promotions, and you’re set. Nope, doesn’t work like that, and trying to figure out that one thing you need to do is the wrong way to think about your company’s marketing plan.

You Must Be Like An Octopus

When you look for that one big knockout punch to market your company, you’re thinking like a human being, with only two arms. But if you want to develop a successful marketing plan, you need to think more like an octopus, having many arms out into the marketplace sweeping around for food (or customers). A successful marketing campaign is not led by any single effort but is, in fact, an accumulation of many different marketing efforts all coming back to one thing, your business, or the mouth of the octopus.

Because there is no one thing that is going to make all the difference in marketing your small business, you should develop a plan that lays out multiple things that your company is going to do to market itself. A successful marketing campaign does not have a single flagship item for which all the other items play second fiddle to. A successful marketing plan lays out a group of efforts that essentially bring the octopus food back to the mouth of the octopus (or customers to your business.)

Small Business Owner Mentality

Small Business owners are entrepreneurs, and successful entrepreneurs are typically very talented jugglers. They can often be master-jugglers of the highest sort in-fact and what they juggle is the thousands of different moving parts that go into making their company operate and profit. These people are great at focusing on a single issue, making a quick decision, and moving onto the next issue with equal focus. It’s a very efficient way to be. But it can make for a lack of creativity when it comes to developing an effective marketing plan. Be sure that you’re marketing plan is a group of efforts and you’re not gambling your entire budget on any one thing. It’s a culmunation of a bunch of different things that are going to help your business generate more leads, retain more customers, and gain more new clients.

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